Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Berlog - Jordan Albrite

Probably the first of many guest posts by Jordan! Since she was, after all, the co-conspirator of Beer June, the event that led me to create this blog. And I have all 20 of her Beer June journal entries...So thanks for letting me post this without your permission Jordan! You da best. Let's see what Jordan has to say in her eloquent Jordanian style...

PS - I don't get why this text is highlighted in white and I can't seem to fix it. My absorbent amounts of free time do not want to deal with this problem right now, so we'll have to deal with it.

Zyweic Original - Poland Prized!

First impressions: This little number immediately jumped out from the Beers of the World box set because of its excellent label: Polish men and women in gargantuan hats dancing atop punctuation I don’t recognize? Yes, please. But its charm wore off a bit when I realized the label did not allow for easy peeling (by far my favorite beer-related pass time), and continued to diminish when I could only describe the smell as "mildly fratty". The verdict: While Zyweic is proudly Poland's #1 (!), it is not mine. I wrote down "dinner?" for flavor, eventually realizing that it tasted suspiciously like veggie burger, i.e., what I consumed immediately before my Zyweic. While overall inoffensive, I feel like my beer should be able to drown out my burgur, no?

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