Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hell or High Watermelon

21st Amendment Brewery - Hell or High Watermelon – San Francisco, California

This is by far the coolest looking beer can I have ever seen. The cartoonish caricature of the Statue of Liberty sitting on really what looks to be the Golden Gate Bridge, but probably isn’t, is just too cool. So it’s really a shame that this beer actually isn’t very good. In fact, it is pretty terrible. Why they chose to ferment it with watermelon concentrate and then add more watermelon juice afterwards is a mystery to me. I mean…did they really want their beer to taste like (to quote a friend) “A natty with a melted jolly rancher in it.” Probably not. Honestly, the first thing that popped into my head when I took my first sip was, “this tastes like my burning throat after I vomit.” So maybe this brew is just a little too acidic 21st Amendment Brewers…my advice to you is not to try so hard next time and just make a normal beer for your fancy can. Everyone will be happy!

It appears as though 21st Amendment Brewery is really into the artwork that goes on their cans. Check out their website to see for yourself!!

Craft beers in cans is apparently a new market trend. Smaller breweries are discovering that cans are in fact easier to ship, do not get contaminated by sunlight (skunking the beer), AND are more environmentally friendly. So, many places are taking on a the new look and canning up some of their beers instead of bottling them. Don't be afraid of a craft beer in a can! It's not a gimmick! Don't believe people who say beer tastes better out of the bottle. It's not true. Cans taste just as good. Miller Light out of a can will always be Miller Light/crappy. Craft beer out of a can will always be craft beer out of a can/yummy! Next time you are beer shopping go for the craft cans. Not only will you be purchasing new, great, exciting beer, but you will also be saving the environment!!!!

Obviously 21st Amendment has fully embraced the can and is using it as an effective marketing strategy by putting their beers in awesome-looking cans. It would be hard to walk by a beer with an Astronaut Monkey on it called "Bitter American." Just like it was hard to walk by a beer that had a cartoon statue of liberty on it. Hopefully I'll like what the monkey's hiding inside a little more!

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