Thursday, March 8, 2012

Juniper Pale Ale and a taste of Italy

Oopsies. Sorry for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere! I dire need to watch recorded DVR shows, trying not to gain weight from V-Day (doesn't even merit me writing out the full name) cookies/candies/baked goods, and embracing my ripe age of 900 years by going to bed early all the time. I will make it up to you by giving you two reviews today!

Rogue - Juniper Pale Ale - Newport, Oregon

Rogue makes some of my favorite beers, so I was excited to try a new variety. As I have mentioned before I usually don’t like many Pale Ales, but this one ended up being okay. My suspicion is that the addition of the Juniper Berries gave the beer that extra flavor shot that maybe took away from the hoppiness of the usual pale ale. The flavor combination was nice, however, the first sip the only thing I could think was, “that hurt my nostrils.” So this beer has some zest you should be ready for. Or if you're sickly with a clogged up nose maybe you will still be able to taste it! Is that why people like strong pale ales and IPAs? Because they can't taste rull grood? I sense an Blogpinion post about that topic in the near future!

La Rossa Birra Moretti – Italy

7.2% alcohol, 92.8% kinda gross. I’m confused as to what type of beer this is, and it tastes like metal. So I probably won’t be getting it again, or trying harder to figure it out.

(Guess that was really just like one with it, the second one sucked. I'm surprised I even wrote that much about it.)

Until next time, stay thirsty my friends.

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