Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blackened Voodoo Lager

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager – Dixie Brewing Company – New Orleans, LA 

Example number one: Never judge a beer by its smell! This one intimidated me when I poured it in a glass and took a wiff…weird. Just smells like malt, and looks like dark malt cause it’s so…dark.  Oh wait – I just read the bottle, it’s brewed with all malt. Whoda thunk it?? No wonder they put “Blackened” in the name!

I think this is a great beer, but it does have a LOT of flavor, and a flavor that sticks around after you drink it, so be warned. It’s a great one to order at your favorite bar, but after a pint I think you would be over it - at least until the next night. The other appeal this beer had for me is that it seems to be steeped in history, and current history as the bottle informs me: “The century-old Dixie Brewery was almost destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but restoration is underway. With the help of our friends, we’re working hard to re-beer New Orleans and the rest of the country.” I love this. Re-beer New Orleans. Like there isn’t enough alcohol going around that city…You keep on, keepin’ on though Dixie Brewery. I like what you’re doing and hopefully my friends will too. Let’s re-beer America! There isn’t nearly enough beer drinking in this country!

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