Saturday, January 14, 2012

Full Circle

New Holland Brewing - Full Circle - Holland, Michigan

Back label: “Pairings: seafood, corn, veggies, and mild white cheeses.” WHAT! Is it just me or is that like the most unappealing list of beer foods you have ever read? “Mmmhh, yes, this is making me sooo hungry, be a darling and get me a mild white cheese.” OR “Goddamnit, why would you give me this beer if you didn’t make CORN for dinner??!” Ridiculous right?

After trying a sip this was said by roommate Sarah, “I can see how it goes with corn.” REALLY? How?? It doesn’t really taste like anything! No but really it literally has no taste. It’s like seltzer water. It’s like white rice. It’s like lettuce. It’s like Natty. It’s like mild cheese! To quote myself “I didn’t even taste the taste!” Interesting. Maybe I should go get some corn.

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