Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boont Amber Ale

Boont Amber Ale – Boonville, California

Beer number one of twelve new brews that were purchased at Total Wine! [Possibly the best store to ever exist. Find one near you right now.] I have to admit the label of this beer is what drew me towards it, but once I realized it was an Amber Ale I was extra excited. Amber Ales have become my favorite type of beer recently. The Legendary Boonville Beer has a giant bear in the middle of the label making it easy for one to mispronounce this delicious brew as a Boonville Bear. Who drinks a bear? Beer. Crap.

Speaking of bears who else thinks Shark Week should be replaced by Bear Week on the Discovery Channel?? I'm tired of Shark Week, and I really don't think I'm learning anything new from it these days. They just repeat their shows every year with a different narrator/host! Pretty sure I know everything about how the Great White hunts off the coast of South Africa, and I don't want to relearn about it next summer. I thought I was a genius when I thought of this, but it turns out it was not an original idea. Thanks to the internet there is no such thing as an original idea anymore. Check this out, it's hilarious and I agree with every point. Bears are so cool!

Now to the actual beer, please excuse my rant, it happens. It smelled very strongly of malt, dark caramelly malt. The taste is, not surprisingly, very caramel/malt focused, making it a very, very tasty beer. Meaning lots of flavor. In the future I would not pair this brew with any sort of food, as I did this time (pairing it with my chicken wrap dinner…) This is definitely one that needs to be ordered in a bar, and consumed at a leisurely pace out of a pint glass surrounded by friends.

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  1. Boont rhymes with toot, just like Beckett rhymes with fuck it.