Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spaten Optimator

My flare for being overly dramatic caught a hold of me last week (as it does often) and forced me to write that last post about a certain mini-keg. Turns out Irene the hurricane was kinda a big joke here, and I didn't need to drink any of that beer. Oh well.

Moving on to what my original idea for this blog would be. Beer reviews. Here is the first of many!

Spaten Optimator – Munich, Germany – I bought this at the Total Wine because there was an awkward guy there giving out samples and dollar off coupons for it. After drinking one I can say I’m glad I used a coupon. Upon further inspection I discovered this beer is actually classified as a “malt liquor” on its label, and had a 7.4% alcohol content…maybe it wasn’t the best beer to start off with for the blog, but oh well! It was kinda bitter and didn’t have the best aftertaste; or maybe it was just that the aftertaste was just plain alcohol.

For those that are curious it is classified as a ‘Doppel Bock’ meaning it is a pretty dark beer with a lot of malt. However, this one tastes more like a dark version of Colt 45 than it does your favorite stout or porter. Really I expect more from you, Germany. I expect all the rest of your beers to be delicious! More on the fact that this one was in a green bottle later…

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